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About me

Hello, I am Alina Popovici, I am Romanian, live in France since 2009. I knit since I can remember and in 2017 I launched my 'La Maille aux Tableaux' label.

I design and make to make unique, versatile, timeless knitwear. I could only hope that knitters who follow my patterns were creative enough to find new color combinations and interpret the directions in an interesting way. I use a lot of intarsia in my knitwear, but for my published patterns I also use other techniques to express my esthetic vision: simple shapes, graphic motifs, asymmetry, color balance. I  am very interested in gender neutral designs; for me, gender neutral is not a man sweater that could be worn by a woman (the 'boyfriend' sweater), but one that with minimal adjustments (e.g. color combination) can enter both into a masculine and a feminine wardrobe. I don't think timeless means nice vintage, but a design that cannot be associated with a precise fashion trend. When I think versatile, I think shape, color, details, fiber - a piece that can be worn as business casual, travel, lounge and chic weekend piece. Not really minimalist, but a discreet statement, easy to wear with just any simple, quality bottom and accessories.

In these pages I share my journey through stitches, paintings, objects and who knows what else the life will offer me.